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case study: GCP Industrial

Keeping a pulse on external supply constraints and listening to consumers’ concerns turned into a profitable growth opportunity.

the plan

GCP Industrial is a full service supply and development company that specializes in getting their customers the silicone and rubber materials they need. Working in a niche, yet highly competitive market requires GCP and their partners to be agile, stay on top of industry trends, and adopt a test and learn approach to their marketing strategy to sustain continued growth and success.

Sparks partnered up with GCP to promote their National Silicone brand during a time when their key competitor was experiencing supply shortages, requiring the competitor’s customer base to look elsewhere. An exact technical match, Sparks and GCP took this opportunity to position the NS-120 product as a viable, in-stock alternative.

the plan

the execution

  • A branded Google Search campaign that focused on NS-120 related searches
  • A competitor conquesting Google Search campaign that built awareness of the GCP brand
  • Strategic copywriting to call out that GCP product is a replacement for the competitor brand’s product
  • Bid adjustments on key States that were markets of focus for the brand

the results

During our 3-month pilot campaign, GCP saw a significant increase in digital marketing performance. Our campaign efforts earned an average 21% conversion rate, a $24 cost per conversion and a 4.5x ROI.

The success of this campaign turned our pilot into an evergreen strategy that is still running to this day. We have continued to meet and exceed performance expectations, shifting focus and approach as needed to help GCP Industrial meet consumers where they’re at.

the results

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